Be A Child Again: My Parenting Mantra 

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Well! I won’t say I always knew this parenting Mantra of being a child with the child, but that’s how I am.. behaving kiddish is a part of my personality. Once my MnM ( Meher n Myrah -2.5 year twinies ) were born, it gave all the more reasons and excuses to behave kiddo. 

Within no time I realised, it made my life so much easier and fun. Every month they were growing more to demand some new entertainment and to become more difficult to handle everyday. 
All you need to keep your sanity is stay a little insane, behave a little abnormal and be a child once again with your little one. 

  • Add a tint of excitement while introducing a new food, even if it’s GHEEYA, TORI or some not so delicious preparation, present it to the child with utter excitement and ‘WOW’ factor… the kid will already be in love (unless of course if it’s cooked really bad). 

  • Let them be involved In everything we do, some mess and some fun makes it easier for child to learn and remember.. for smaller kids, it even helps in development of gross and fine motor skills. Toddlers take themselves as the grown ups. For them, they are those big guys who can handle everything on their own. In fact, they can fix your stuff too (given the chance ).

  • We dance for 15 minutes daily, where no one else is looking at us, play our favourite beats and we throw ourselves as and how kids want.. we mess with our paint brushes, create cards and make people happy.
  • There is a lot of patience involved of course. But once we accept the way their minds are wired in, It’s easier to understand why they behave so, and it’s so much like living our own childhood again with better senses. My own stress levels have reduced manifolds since we became same age. 

Well I won’t say we chill all day or I am a baby and wear diapers with them but allowing them some fun and staying involved in it is making our bond much stronger as they feel mommy is their friend and then as we read post from Shalu, gentle parenting adds more to it.

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  1. This is sooo cool!!! I admit this is one of the best ways to connect with them..
    I was a freak when it came to keeping my home clean and nothing out of place at all… But after the kids it all went for a toss.. We do have messy paint days and spontaneous dances… But honestly I know I should increase the days I allow them to have messy fun days 🙂

  2. When we grow up , we tend to forget that being care free like a child helps us enjoy life more. It’s great that you are trying to relive a carefree child like life while raising your daughters

  3. Kids definitely give us another chance to relive our childhood days. Not loosing patience and sanity is tough but it’s fun and a proud feeling to see them grow.

  4. Such a beautiful mantra, yes we all love their happiness and being messy too at time but when it comes to clean-up drive afterwards it’s maddening so I have seen parents avoiding kids to play their age.

    But I have seen, paying their age or let them independent bring up sense of responsibility in them as well as creativity. loved the post and beautiful pictures.

  5. This is a cute post Misha! I always follow Zuzu’s leads in whatsoever she wishes to do! there are times when my parents have said not to give her pastel colours for the fear of the color landing on the wall,I have gone one step further and given her water colours 😉

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