Mid Life Crises in women…

“I don’t know anything anymore. Is that normal? Is it normal to notice the enormity of everything and just go blank?”
― A.M. Homes

20 Years back when a young girl entered her gradutaion the class, boys were all awstruck for she was smart, intelligent, witty and aspiring. Same girl today is about to turn 40 and the girls behing her are entering the phase she used to rule. This makes her insecure, worried and somewhere envious. Thats how Mid-Life Crises is defined.

When a woman enters her 30s, she still owns the same charm topped by the wisdom and maturity. We see getting ourselves settled and many of us enjoy kids growing up and achieveng own milestones.

By the time they enter their 40’s, many women lose their taste for proving themselves, some call it contentment, some take it as surrender to their life situations. In both the cases, life gives enough reasons to question our own identity.



There are certain reasons our great psycologists tried finding out…

  • The signs of ageing start hitting a little
  • Sometimes the partners become too busy with their own engagements.
  • For some, kids grow up and get out of virtual womb.
  • Lack of achievement of personal Goals.
  • Lack of energy and physical strength.
  • Friends and family both get engaged in their own worlds.
  • Friends or co workers becoming more successful in life.



  • Asking yourself too many deep questions:

“I think one of the things that can happen and identify the onset of a midlife crisis is feeling ill-fit for the life you’re leading,” says Dr. Ludwig. “There’s a tendency to stop and pause during midlife and question whether you’re on the right track.”

In other words, when we start questioning and doubting the place where we exist in life.


  • Comparing your self with the past:

Taking down the memories and being regretful for things you decided once or the life you are leading is one big and not so good sign of Mid-Life crises. This one thing often leads to depression and a sense of non accomplishment.


  • Comparing yourself with friends and collegues:

When you know your collegues/friends/cousins are doing quite well in life and you are not so OK to accept it. Comparing  yourself with them in a way that you start feeling less valuable. Doubting ourself for being good enough.


  • When you feel a sudden urge to get back in shape and look as smart and pretty as your younger selves. Though there is not much wrong in this if you try to get fit BUT if its turning to an obsession and you are loosing your mind over it, its alarming.
  • A constant feeling of Self Doubt and negative Self Image:

self image

Doubting self confidence, feeling less beautiful or less liked, insecurities with spouse and/or work, friends and other relations as well is what defines midlife crises too and something that usually leads up to depression.

Why is it neccessary to identify and get over it..!!

Yes it is very important to identify if you are dealing with Mid-Life crises as they hold a big chunk of our minds to feel bad about ourselves and the world as well. Sometimes in the crisis, we start evaluating the aspects that no longer make place in our lives. Spoiling our time and senses for something not worth anymore doesnt sound so good.


  • Having like minded people around works really good if thats an option.
  • Try to realise the fact every wound doesnt turn to Septic.
  • Give your life an audit and count the blessings.
  • Talk to someone or better get help.
  • Try and re-analyse your achievable goals.

In quest of self Identity once again, we sometimes tend to loose ourselves. Mid Life crises is one of such situations. The only way out is to overcome it with realising self worth and counting out million blessings.

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Stay healthy

Stay Happy



  1. Very interesting. Funnily the symptoms of depression and mid-life crisis are so alike. And that’s why whenever there is an iota of doubt, approaching a psychlogist becomes very important. Invisible symptoms are more dangerous than the visible symptoms.

  2. This is a perfect read. I am in my mid life and I too do most of it. Especially moving out of corporate job to SAHM has for sure taken a toll on confidence and kind of resentment sets in at times. As you said no point in pondering about what you lost, but think how can you best use the life thats a gift of God. This post is a must read for all women in 30s.


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