The DURGA in Me…

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other WOMEN bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank my friend and co-bloggerAnubhuti Sen Sharma for introducing me. I am a huge fan of her blog Cries and Laughter where she talks about her journey with her little one. Here is what she thinks of todays prompt.

I would like to introduce my readers to my friend & co-blogger Veena Regit Her blog talks about interesting facts about her parenting journey and product reviews at The Reading Momster and her blog about the prompt is here

The Prompt for today is ”Identifying the Avatar of DURGA whom I relate to”

Durga – the goddess of power and strength, through all her forms, encompasses the essence of salvation and sacrifice.
A woman plays different avatar of Durga in her mundane life but every woman does have a dominant characteristic which embodies one of the avatars closer to heart than the others.
I have always felt closer to the sixth avatar – Kushmanda
She is the 4th avatar and she was the commander chief chosen by other Gods in the war against demons snd she is considered as the creator of universe, the one who is fierce and powerful in order to kill the demons, will change her avatar from a calm and beautiful Parvati to the destroyer of evil.
  • I believe in fighting with the evil power that tells me I cannot achieve something.
  • I believe in destroying the darkness of ignorance and spreading the joy of a free soul.
  • I believe in living the life of a fierce woman who would be standing tall for anyone who I can help.
  • I believe I am creator of my own world, my own Universe. I have the power to make it the way i want it to be.
  • I am the One who gave Birth to another 2 AVATARS of Durga who will take charge of their own lives very soon.
  • I aim to make my Girls fearless and to keep them away from the darkness of dependancy and weakness. They ll be as fierce as every AVATAR of DURGA.

Durga is a woman who is strong, powerful, emotionally strong,  fearless, knows how to stand for her rights. She is the One who can not be suppressed anymore unless she wants to surrender for love. She is any other woman living her ordinary life and giving beuty and wisdom to the whole world.


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