I am watching over you

So whenever I am in my overthinking mode, I simply start feeling what if I don’t get to tell my stories, my thoughts and my feelings to my lil daughters. Who knows how much time do we have together.

So I decided today to write them.

Dear MnM

I am sure you know how much mommy loves you. But you know the times you have witnessed. But I have loved since we were still struggling to  have you, i remember how the tears came flowing inconsolably the day pregnancy test said “Its Positive” and how I could not contain my excitement when Sonologist said, “ITS TWINS.”

Today even if I am not around, I AM WATCHING OVER YOU, everything that you do or do not do, still goes through my scanner. Always Always remember you are daughters of an Independent strong head woman, you need not look at other for approvals. You are capable of deciding for yourself, just make sure its in sync with people who matter for you, coz sometimes in our stubbornness of doing something, we loose some more important people and relations. There is no limit where a determined mind can achieve, but never compromise it with the values we gave you.

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -Eleanor Roosevelt.

Yes this is true, you have to define your place in this gigantic world yourself. No one else ever should be able to put their opinions on your persona. You are one of your kind and thats what make you different from everyone around.

“Laugh, Cry, Have Tears, Worry and Love”

I know all these emotions mess in life, but they only give us warmth, happiness , and heal our hearts. Being compassionate and sensitive to others will never make you look week. Yes, don’t let people take you as vulnerable or carried away person.

You are a girl, know that you have this privilege to rule the world to another level, Always keep your head high for being one and never let anyone else rule your decisions.

Always think before you present your opinion. Well thought and detailed opinions are worth more respect and get more ears turned.

You ll always be noticed for being strong headed girls, just be sure you never live to reach peoples expectations, make your own path and become inspirations and I ll always keep guiding you.

you are loved .. a lot be me and rest of family and that certainly makes you very very lucky. Always cherish this as your biggest strength and keep rising high

love u much


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