Just About Me

“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” ― Ibn Battuta

“Freshly Baked Head” is this quote and a bit more added to it.

It is a collection of stories and experiences of a confused, overwhelmed, everywhere tripping mom.

Who is still trying to figure out this world by experiencing as much as life can offer. I find myself as a wanderer not just geographically but otherwise too. I don’t stop and never settle for less trying to gain new experiences in life and learning from them.

 I read, I write, I cook, I travel, I work hard, and I play even harder, I gym, I click pictures, I raise my twins, love my extended family,  learning to box and just trying to add as much as I can to the list

This” Freshly Baked Head” is my space, and my place. It is for me and by me. I write for myself and love to share with the ones who love to read about new experiences, stories and aim to grasp everything life can offer. Some of my writings you may find disoriented, but maybe I was wandering at that moment, just lost in time.

So join me to, sail with me and be with me as I find my ways through the whirlpools of stresses, winds of laughter, tornadoes of upbringing my twines and living life one moment at a time with numerous places to discover and many dreams to achieve.

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