Just About Me

well!! There is not much about me.. Just any other confused, overwhelmed, everywhere tripping mom, still trying to figure out my ways. I find myself as a wanderer, not just geographically but otherwise too. I can’t stop, I don’t settle for less, I want everything possible. I write a little, I read, I cook, I travel, I play, I gym, I click pictures, I raise my twins, I love my extended family, I learn boxing and still adding to the list

This ” Freshly Baked Head” is my space, my place. It is for me and by me. I write for myself and to share with you all. some of the writings you will find lost, but may be I am lost at that time.

So be with me, sail with me when I find my path through whirlpools of stresses, winds of laughter, tornadoes of upbringing my twinoes and many dreams to achieve.