And we made through 37 Weeks…

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other WOMEN bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank my friend and co-bloggerAnubhuti Sen Sharma for introducing me. I am a huge fan of her blog Cries and Laughter where she talks about her journey with her little one. Here is what she thinks of todays prompt.

I would like to introduce my readers to my friend & co-blogger Veena Regit Her blog talks about interesting facts about her parenting journey and product reviews at The Reading Momster and her blog about the prompt is here

The Prompt for today is ” My Delivery and Baby.”


So As you read about the pregnancy we had, let me take you a step ahead. The whole Pregnancy we were scared of risks involved with carrying twins and also a couple complications came our way.


Me being fond of capturing everything wanted to have a maternity shoot right in 9th month so we l=planned it when 37th week was about to end. We did a super awesome one and then can you believe the very next day, I woke up with very High Blood Pressure. May be it was the stress or the exertion that happened all day long.

Headed to the hospital and O GOD..! my BP was fluctuating heavily. My very adorable doc looked tensed for the first time as she could not operate with those fluctuations and she could not let that be. I was not responding to Meds and So was put on some IV.

So those few hours already prepared me of what being a mom means. I was under so much guilt for getting that shoot done, I was dying of the thought of my Babies Health. How could i be so careless, just for the sake of some fun.

Everybody was trying to calm me down and my thoughts were working the other way. I also wanted to relax as what I was going through was just ruining the situation. I tried to pray, meditate, relax but nothing was ok. The suddenly i was told by the nurse, its settling. Yes, my BP was settling and coming down. OMG!! I could hug her for saying that. Tears rolled down my eyes and my mom quotes her SO MOMMY QUOTE, “Maa Banna Itna Asaan Nahi Hai”. 

Well till next day I Relaxed and prayed. At 2 Doctor Announced twice, “It’s a Girl”. Both the girls were little under weight but rest all looked sorted. I was clutching my husband’s hand so tight that it was all red and marked by the end of my C SEC. It was just some unknown guilt that I had for being careless.

Well All did well and I was amazed to know that My doc had just sent me false messages of settled BP. I was still not OK. Eveb at the time of Surgery, she had called for lots n lots of blood to be sure.

But I think all the prayers we all were doing worked and all went well.

And I got my Meher n Myrah (MnM) in my hands




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