Dreams 11.. Where Fantasies come alive..!!

We all know… Cricket is more than just any sport in India, it’s a religion. With IPL Cricket Game, the craze has reached another level. Every fan not only enjoys watching it as a sport but also somewhat has an expert knowledge of the game.

And what’s better to not only test your expertise of the game but also to earn some money from it.

In case you have not caught wind about Fantasy Cricket beforehand, in clear words, it is an online web-based game that empowers customers to make their fantasy league of cricketers playing a particular match, you get points depending upon how your picked players perform in the genuine matches. At the completion of the game, points are found out and you get the chance to differentiate your execution and that of other players in the gathering.

I found the opportunity to hear about an awesome arrangement these days known as Dream11.

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Created and conceptualized by a Mumbai-based association called Dream11 Inc., it’s an amazing site to have your virtual teams and take your fun time to another level. It’s not only Cricket but also Football and Kabaddi.

I was not a huge cricket fan but was introduced to dream11 by my cousin as a fantasy league sport. He has been a regular player since last IPL Cricket Game.

With the added benefit of earning money is the team performs really well. At first, I wasn’t sure to get in but after visiting their site and reading more about bringing the fantasy league sport to a country like India for the first time, it not only developed my interest in Fantasy leagues but also in Cricket as a sport.

They started the company to introduce fantasy sports in India for cricket fans. In 2014, the company reported 1 million registered users, which grew to 2 million in 2016 and to 30 million in 2018.

(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream11)


What is Dream11 about?


Continuing with what I cleared up in my beginning section, Dream11, much the same as some other Fantasy cricket league, empowers customers to appreciate any match by influencing their 11 part gathering. These virtual matches are enlargement of genuine matches happening meanwhile, now. The point table keeps changing depending upon how your Cricket players perform in those matches. When you have made your team(you can make up to 5 groups for every game), you need to join a bit of the present games by paying an entering charge. Your ultimate target is to acquire more than what you have invested. Regardless, more on that later.


Best Part. You don’t need to move out of your bed and all the fun is right there at your fingertips. After working 8 hr a day, when I come home and relax, these games happen to be perfect energizers for me. Like real matches, I go like.. “GO GO GO… NOOOOO, O man ..! What are you doing “


It feels good to completely forget how tough the day was as here I get totally involved. Building strategies, planning and getting creative makes you feel so involved and good.

We agree or not these games do bring up our social skills and team playing charm, I guess they also enhance our problem-solving skills and planning strategies. In all This was totally a new world I was introduced to, and I am enjoying it to the fullest in all my free time.

The BaldEagle

Once your account is set up, you can make your fantasy XI for the future coming matches in the stipulated time and have a blast…

Visit here and experience the thrill of being a part of the most exciting matches that you will come across.

So when are you starting,??!!



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