Fairness Obsession: Bursting The Myths

We all know how our society is obsessed with Fairer skin tone…

I grew up under this pressure that I wasn’t fair like my parents and brother. I still can’t forget that incident when My Dad’s cousin questioned me right on my face If I was Adopted. I mean I was just a 10-year-old super pampered kid.

And then I remember my Brother and Papa bashing his happiness out of his lungs…    That day I was reassured that skin color doesn’t matter… What matters is Who you are, What person you are and Who all love you. But life kept showing me how obsessed is our society for that fact.

Beauty Industry took advantage of this obsession and started propagating the idea that “FAIR is the Only BEAUTIFUL” and “Use our product, Lighten the Skin Tone and then the world will be yours for the taking.”

And then our market took it way too seriously… To the extent that advertisements broadcast with the idea that a well-educated girl isn’t successful until her father hands her a skin lightening cream.. which works and she suddenly she is the star…


Just Imagine. Not just men.. you can own the jobs, expertise even the world if you are fair. There appears to be no way to avoid this onslaught of questionable advertising and their potentially harmful effects on the self-esteem of the more than 70% of Indians who fall into the dusky skin category.

Well!! This post might look like I am ranting…

LoL… I am not because I am really quite comfortable with my Skin Color which is Dusky not even Wheatish…

Well coming to the Point… How much truth lies behind these Fairness creams and their work on your skin.

  • MythLowering the production of Melanin lightens the skin tone and thus its good to do so.


All of us have been well versed with the word MELANIN… The pigment that is responsible for our skin color. The Advertising world has made Melanin a villain who makes your skin darker.

 Truth: Melanin is the primary fighter for Skin Cancer… 

Yes, that’s why It’s very very important not to mess with it. And to let it be.

  • Myth: Fairness creams lighten the skin tone.


Truth: Skin color cannot be changed without invasive treatment. The fairness creams basically work on the regular bleaching of your skin, which in some cases gives an illusion of lightened skin tone.

It’s very much possible to reduce marks, freckles, hyperpigmentation, etc through these creams or non-invasive treatments.

But lightening skin tone means bleaching skin away with treatments like the laser and these can be very painful too especially on pockets.

A healthy looking skin worn by a true heart is what defines beauty.

The first rule to look beautiful is to feel beautiful. Get comfortable with your skin and wear that sparkling smile that can make someone’s day…

That my friend is a beauty to carry


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