First blog post

And they call it the First blog post…

I would like to say its THE NEW ME


A small table where i would love to serve thoughts, experiences, judgements, creations, malfunctions, boredome, excitement and all whatever will bake in my oven.

I have been through a normal life with normal Ups and Downs and having normal people around with not much of tragedy nor too much of success, and may be I am not so good with writing also.

But then a thought travelled my mind this morning.., ‘ I am 30 already, that means i have walked(pra ctically) through half of my very active and experimenting life and anyway WordPress is a free lunch,so why not give it a little try.

While passing days sometimes we loose ourselves, then we gain back, we cry, we sing, we shout but always a conference of all the feelings goes on inside our mind.I dont want them to kill me or to guide me… There are Million thoughts that go Ninja inside my heart and i need some uncensored space to take them all off my mind and soul, to bitch about family vamps, to complain about husband and to use the F word totally freely and as frequently as i want.

I ll try to conect with as many audiance as i can.



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