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To unleash the real power of Ayurveda, it is very important to have knowledge of various skin types. If you don’t know your skin type, you may end up using the wrong ingredient. This makes many people think that Ayurveda is not effective or it doesn’t suit them. But the fact is understanding your skin type can help you make the right choices which can give you clear glowing skin naturally.

We all know about

Oily Skin

Dry Skin and

Combination Skin Type…

But What’s the difference in skin type with age… We will discuss that here

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Different ages, different skin types…

If you thought that just because you had oily skin back in your school days, your skin is still going to be oily, then you are wrong. Skin can be normal, dry, oily or combination type. We leave a gap in our skin routine when we continue using the products which we have been using 10 years ago. We need to assess our skin every five years to update our skincare regime. A teen girl who has acne issue can seek help with some yogurt face mask while the mature skin of a 30+ lady will require the moisturizing effect of a malai face pack. For pigmentation, oily skin beauties can count on natural bleaching agents like a lemon while the sensitive skinned ladies have to skip lemon as it can irritate delicate skin.

This is how Ayurvedic skin care varies for different skin types of different age groups.

Different conditions, Different skin types

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Apart from age, there are other factors as well like our hormones, the climate, stress levels, exposure to sun or lights,  also have an impact on our skin type.

Some people, who normally don’t have sensitive skin, tend to get very sensitive to certain ingredients during pregnancy. The skin may tend to get drier than usual and the normal oil-controlling products need to be skipped. Women who never had a single pimple the entire lifetime end up breaking out during pregnancy.

In this situation, the usual moisturizing ingredients like fresh cream, cocoa butter, and ghee need to be skipped. The saviors would be cinnamon powder and honey. During periods, people with combination skin type tend to bend towards the oilier side. A quick mist of witch hazel can save the day in that case.

Assess it right for clearer skin

With a busy lifestyle, we tend to forget to spend some time to assess our skin condition. We randomly pick products from shopping counters or slather just any nourishing ingredient from the kitchen, hoping it does good to the skin.

When the skin reacts, that’s when we take things seriously. Spending little time to understand the skin type can help you achieve glowing skin without any unwanted experiences with your skincare regimen. Ayurveda advocates natural herbs and ingredients but we need to pick your organic ingredients as per your skin type to make sure you make most of the organic magic.

Never hesitate to consult a specialist before choosing your regime.


  1. You are so very right. Knowing out skin is the first step towards skin care routine. For a very long time I didn’t know that I have a combination skin type. To be frank I didn’t know that there is anything like combination skin that exists.

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