Parenting with Grand-Parenting!

While nuclear families are on the rise, I must say I’m pretty blessed to be living in an extended joint family.

It may sound like it’s a lot of people but trust me the support system they offer is beyond explanation. Trust me when I say, you need a lot of support to raise twins like MnM.

Also, this has earned my kids more than one set of grandparents who shower them with love, care, and values that I and my husband couldn’t have done alone.

They are involved in the daily activities of my twins; from helping me dress them up for their school to feeding them or being their playmate. My parents stay a little away and don’t get to spend much time with girls but I make sure they go and stay with them for a week at least in vacations.

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How the grandparenting set-up helps the twins

Being millennial parents is not easy. And parenting is not just about feeding and schooling your kids. Instilling human values is tough in the hectic lifestyle we have.


Having twins and handling full-time business was a challenge and I could never do it alone.

That is where grandparents come to the rescue. They are the epitome of the traditional Indian family values. Watching them live with us helps my kids understand the importance of family and living together from a very early age. My twins get to learn about human values from them. They tell amazing stories from Ramayana and Mahabharat which brings my twins closer to their heritage. 


The best part is that I am saved from being their playmate most of the times, thanks to my mother-in-law and father-in-law! This gives me the space to have some me-time and focus on my work as well. 

The conflict

Of course, it is not as smooth as it sounds! There is a clash of opinions due to the time we come from and our way of parenting is different from theirs. 

Sometimes I find them more lenient than I am and I so dread that my twins are going to grow up into two cute spoilt brats. Grandparents feed children yummy food which is rich in ghee and sugar/salt. I am totally different when it comes to the food that my kids eat. These minor clash of opinion and lifestyle comes in. As long as that thin line between pampering and spoiling is taken care of… I am good


But then the great company they offer and the way they are helping shape up the personalities of my little ones, I am indebted to them. Even I have grown up living around the elderly members of my family which is why I am capable of coexisting happily in an extended family and feeling loved every day. I am sure my kids will also grow up to be a smart one with some great family and social values in them.

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