The Gamechanger- Ayurveda

Skin problems are like everyone’s issue these days, a reason being a stressful lifestyle and polluted environment. It takes an effort to get into a healthy zone and achieve a flawless skin tone. However, in the fast-paced world, we want everything quick and the search for the quick solution pushes us towards skin solutions that are chemical-based. These solutions do give quick results but sometimes they come with long-term side-effects.

42491885 - luxury ayurvedic spa massage still life with candles
42491885 – luxury ayurvedic spa massage still life with candles

Few cosmetic products even end up reacting with skin and degrade its natural suppleness. This is where steps in our gamechanger – Ayurveda. Our ancient method of treatment that’s been used by our ancestors since forever is the gamechanger and lifesaver in modern times.

Look beyond a cosmetic clinic- Look into your kitchen

Spending thousands on one spot treatment? Products going out of stock? So many problems being dependent on the OTC products.

How about OTK products?


Over-the-kitchen products can be effective, harmless and do not burn a hole in your product. Make your own spot treatment with a teaspoonful of honey and a teaspoonful of cinnamon powder. Apply and sleep off and wake up to clearer skin! Isn’t it simple?

You must be wondering, “ how is this a game changer?”. Well then here comes the logic- when you use harmful chemical based cleansers and spot treatments, they do kill the bacteria in your skin and reduce inflammation, but they also strip your skin of its natural moisturizers, natural cleansers like ubtans clean your skin while maintaining its natural moisturizers. Natural spot treatments clear your acne without the unwanted dryness and peeling of the skin.

The game-changing ingredients for your skin and hair

If you want to change your skin and hair game, start with basics. For hair care, skip your salon hair spa that gives you temporary softness. Instead, nourish your hair with some pure desi ghee. Desi ghee nourishes your scalp, moisturizes your hair and also adds a natural bounce to your hair.

  • Simply massage your hair and scalp with some ghee and leave it on for a couple of hours and wash it off with lukewarm water and shampoo.
  • Ditch that face wash that claims to be soap-free. Instead, make an ubtan at home with gram flour, a pinch of turmeric and some milk or yogurt. Cleanse your face with this ubtan regularly and watch your skin glow naturally.
  • Same way you can use a mix of brown sugar, turmeric and salt to scrub your body. It exfoliates your skin and fights cellulite at the same time.


Before you kickstart your Ayurveda journey, make sure you do a patch test to ensure which ingredients suit you and which you’re allergic to. A little bit of reading and some looking around in the kitchen can help you find the perfect beauty regime that can be a gamechanger for you!

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