Tips To Click Good Pictures From Your Phone

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”
— Don McCullin

I still remember those days, when I was not aware of smartphones, I used to use robust Nokia 3310 model, and the ironic part was that this phone had a camera feature. Nokia 3310 comes with an average rear camera of 2 megapixels with flash and believe me, I have clicked on many great images which people appreciate for at that time. This is only because I feel a very high connection with photography like I am executed for it.

Like Don McCullin has said, it’s never gonna work out if you can’t get connected with what are you looking at. Photography is a connection between your hand and the thing you are observing.

Over the days, with the introduction of smartphones, taking a good picture has become a quite easy task. With numerous competitors in the market, every company is offering quality phones with great camera lenses and aperture at a very affordable price.

You might be questioning why do I care to click a lovely picture on my phone, I can afford a decent photo editing software. But my friend, learning to process and manage this software is nothing but a  wastage of time and money. You can click an alluring piece of art from your phone.

Today, I am sharing with you some tips to click a great image on your smartphones. After the end of this post, you will be a photographer who is able to click awesome pic for their blogs. If you want to add extra effects after clicking a great picture, then you can use these apps.

  1. Learn to Manage Grids

Gridlines feature in your camera setting is an excellent option to balance your shot while clicking pictures. According to the rule of thirds, which is a composition principle that needs you to imagine your image gets divided into nine segments in such a way that relevant objects are along the lines or close to the intersection points.

grid feature in phones.
Grid Feature-Rule of Thirds.

You can comfortably manage Grid settings on iPhone and Android phones.

Activating gridlines on iPhone:

  • First of all, go to settings of the camera.
  • From the settings menu, select “photos and camera” option.
  • In a submenu, you will find “”grid.
  • Turn this on and enjoy the grid feature on your phone.

Activating gridlines on Android phone cameras:

  • First of all, open the camera of your phone.
  • Go to the “settings” option of the camera.
  • You have to scroll down the options until you find “gridlines”.
  • Switch it on and enjoy the grid feature.


2. Turn OFF Filters

Filters are cool only in offline mode when using it while clicking an image will make it look gimmicky. So, I advise you that instead of using pre-set filter options in your camera it is better to try your hand at editing.

I have already mentioned some of best photo editing software in my last post.

Say No to Filter


3. Always Clean Your Camera Lens

The string fiber in your packet or fingerprint marks on camera lens leads to reduce its image quality, and no matter how much you post-edit it, you are not going to get a natural impression.

Any spot on the camera lens will affect the image quality to a significant degree, so it is well advised to keep the lens of your camera free from marks, dirt, and stains.

There isn’t any extraordinary requirement to keep this job done, you only need a lint cloth and a cleaner, in fact, you can also use your T-shirt to clean your camera lens if you don’t have any option.

Clean Camera Lens.
Using a lint cloth to clean the lens.


4. Look from a different perspective 

Have you watched Big Hero 6? If you have, you can remember the scene when Tadashi shake Hiro to look through a different angle to find the solution.

In a very similar manner, clicking a picture from the different perspective is an out of box idea which always worked out. Snapping a photo from unique angle adds a charm to it and make it more memorable. From the unique aspect of view, I mean directly upward focus capture or the bird’s eye view or any other perspective.

On Ground Click

You can also try a rooftop clicking where it is all required to cover the top surface of the orthographic plane.

Top Surface Clicking


5. Avoid Zooming in

While standing at a distance from your subject and thinking to capture it by using zoom in feature in your camera. Here you have made a very terrible mistake that might have ruin the image.

Zooming a picture can make it blurry or grainy. It reduces the quality of the image as the camera lens have to focus at a longer distance in this case that pixelated it.

Instead of zooming, I will recommend you to try crop feature after a perfect snap in the edit menu which will maintain the high quality of the shot.

Cropping an image

6. Keep Your phone Steady

This is the biggest problem that many amateur photographers face during their starting days. Shaking hands make your snap blurry and ruin it completely. So, it is well advised to be well focused and does not wobble your hand while snapping.

You can buy a portable tripod or any selfie stand to get the best result. You can also use any other stands such as a wall, tables, etc. to keep your phone steady and add a self-timer click to click picture after a certain period.


Steady Support for Phone


7. Use the Volume Shutter Button.

When you are talking about keeping your phone at the steady position and at the same time you are focussed to click the center capture button in the middle of the screen. It is not a very best option.

Most cell phones nowadays come with automatic capture option which you can find in your camera settings and enable it. It might not be the best alternative, but you can use it to naturally capture an image in steady mode.


Volume Shutter Button


Photography is an art which improves by learning and practicing. It is a well-known fact that DSLRs are friendly, and they have the perfect lens which captures a very high-quality shot, but with knowledge and practice of photography, you can also catch a unique piece through your cell phone.

So, now you do not need to worry about getting a DSLR to click an image for your blog, your phone is well equipped with all the accessories that you can create a fantastic piece. You just need to use all the feature smartly and follow these tiny tips to win over the photography game






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