when i killed someone…

YES..!! it’s true

I have the burden of killing someone but its what she wanted…

She wanted to die and I loved her too much to say no.

She was that super girl who wanted to achieve everything possible,

wanted to learn all that she could,

to party hard every weekend,

liked by almost 90 percent of people around and other 10 percent were jealous of not being like her,

beholded just a small dream to be a designer hosting after parties for her super show and i think she wasn’t doing bad for a starter.

The problem was she dreamt too big and worse she had abilities to reach up there. But while dreaming she forgot tha reality won’t change, that she is a small towner whose parents loved the society a little more than herself and that she loved them to infinity.

The day she realised i had to kill that over enthusiastic dreamer to BECOME a nice Ekta Kapoor perfect bahu myself.

Designer in me wasn’t needed much now.

This happened 6 years back, and that dreamer in me has been coming and haunting me time and again.

Here in our society, everyone appreciates the successful people.

“She achieved this, she did that and they are to be followed and should be given respect and blah blah…”

Has anyone ever tried to peek inside those who couldn’t do much in life as per the definition of successful.

You, me and lot many girls brutally kill there dreams for the sake of parents or society or spouse or babies.

And that certainly does involve far more courage. Its far more tough to cut a piece of your soul and wrap it In a paper of love, sacrifice or care and then throw it inside a trunk which you will go and open every now and then to realise what you could be.

And I know it’s ok. .. that you have done that by choice.

A choice made by your Heart even when your brain didn’t give much consent

A choice you made for those whom you love and who love you.

I think you are far more strong and assertive than others because it takes real heart to leave yourself for someone.

as you chose your people over yourself,

you chose to make happy than to be happy.


So lets stop feeling as a looser or as left behind by life.

get ready to give BOOM!! to life,

Babe..!! Rise back, not being what u thought u wanted to be doesn’t mean thats all u could do. There is far more to life, its your family, kids, and above everyone its you yourself, your persona that makes you different from others.

Life and its challenges wont stop for what you think but we need to gear up to pay them back and that i am sure every woman has got in her, all we need is to wake her up and TO GET HER BACK TO LIFE.


  1. I don’t read many blogs so I can’t really compare you with others but I feel that your writing skills are superb. The reader can’t leave the piece in between without reading the whole of it. I wish you all the same and success as a writer.

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