5 Best Early Morning Exercises for Busy Moms

Today’s fast paced world has got everyone on their toes and this holds true for we new age women as well. We are not only taking care of home needs, but many of us share the financial responsibilities as well. We play lot many roles apart from work- the role of a wife, daughter-in-law, and most importantly of a mother.

For we 21st Century ladies, taking care of ourself and our well being becomes prime. From correcting food habits to going to gym is almost an uphill task. The way our Indian food is made and has influenced our taste buds that by now they deny for major changes. What we are left with is to tweak our food habits a bit and start doing small set of exercises.

So Here I give you very simple 5 exercises that can be done easily at home/ park or gym:

For this all you need is a floor mat (not necessarily gym mat), a chair or a bench, easy and non-hindering clothing, water bottle & towel. (make sure your hair is all tied up)

  1. Inch worm push up:

This is a different form of push-up, you need to stand at one side of the mat facing towards the other side of the mat in length. Your legs shoulder width apart. You come down towards the mat crawling to the other end of the mat. Once your body is parallel to the floor you do the reverse action. This stretches your full body after a night sleep and strengthen your arms.

10 REPS:: 3 SETS

    2. Step Up:

This one can be easily done at home or park where you must use a bench or a chair whichever is available. You need to stand with your upper body. In front of the object where you going to step, raise one leg, place it to the platform and go up raising your entire body to the level of platform, go down keeping your back straight and repeat the same with your other leg. This will help to make your glutes/ calves and thighs muscle strong and make your body understand balancing.

10 Reps – 3 Times (Each Leg)

  3. Leg Raises

For this exercise you need to lie down on your back. Keep your body straight and keep your hands close to your knee or you can tuck them under your glutes too. You need to raise your legs keeping your upper portion stationary. While you do that make sure your legs are completely straight all along when they perpendicular to the ground. Repeat this after every 10 seconds. This helps to cut down your lower body fat and increases strength to your back.

10 Reps – 3 Times

   4. Hollow Hold Body:

Keep lying on the mat and raise both your legs and your head from the ground. Try to riase both at the same time and as much possible. This happens only with the help of your core. You need to tighten the core muscle and raise the upper and lower half for as long you can hold your breath. This one exercise is for your core muscles- to make them strong, cut down on your fat and take off any loose fat around your waist area.

3 times as long you can hold

    5. Elbow Plank:

Back on the mat you now need to now face the mat and now raise the body with the help of your elbow and feet and keep the body parallel to the ground. Try this as long as you can and keep breathing slowly.

3 times as long you can hold

So Busy Always decked up with million chores to do mommies, this whole workout won’t ask much of your time, but it may add a lot of strength to the over stressed muscles of your body.

After all our body is our responsibility and as long as we take care of it, and it keeps supporting us, there is nothing that can stop us.

(Note: * These exercise can be done at home/ parks & gyms)

(**No exercise can provide best results without proper diet)

AND AND AND… with this lemme congratulate my Dear Dearest Zainab Raazi as her 3rd baby Slim expectations  turns BIG 3. Keep inspiring us Zee and keep writing with all your heart. InshahAllah you will Rise n Shine everyday.


Thanks Zainab and Geethica for hosting this month long Blog Birthday party!!!!


  1. Amitoj Kaur

    I remember doing such exercises last year at gym.. Thanks for reminding me to start my fitness routine again..

  2. Geethica Mehra

    Hollow bend body actually helps, however, I am yet to try the elbow one. I have heard so many positive results out of this exercise. Thank you, Misha, for linking up. Great to have you on board

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