5 escapes… I depend on when Parenting gets tough on me.

Parenting is something that most couples look forward to. To complete the marital bliss, we also decided to bring two lovely twins in this world.

But is it all a fairytale?

Parenting can be really exhausting, especially for mothers. We go through an extreme physical transformation and must alter our thought process to ensure the well-being of these little humans, from their birth till forever!

I have some go-to plans that are instant stress-busters and give me a break from running around my dolls.

1) Treating myself with a mani-pedi session:

February Planning

Who doesn’t like being treated at salons? If you don’t have time for facials or body spa, you can always hop-in for a quick manicure and pedicure session.

They relax me and also gives me pretty hands and feet! If you’ve been following my blog, you will know how addicted I am to nail paints. So mani-pedi is a big YES from my side when I want a break.

Along with relaxation. I get to see newly painted nails and that keeps making me feel good for a long time.


2) Visiting my maternal hometown :

I make sure to plan timely visits to my maternal hometown (Kaithal).

February Planning (1)

My girls love spending time there just like me. Also, my parents keep themselves totally involved with MnM while I can rest up, eat my favorite food and sleep like a baby, despite having insomnia!

Have got a couple of school buddies settled in the same city and a long drive with them along with night eating and chatting is I think all I need for once to give life head on…

This I sometimes plan instantly just for a night and I am good to go for months.


3) Dinner Dates:

February Planning (2)

A dinner date, occasionally, not only keeps the romantic spark alive in your love life but also helps you to have a few hours of being not a parent. Put your little ones to sleep with a babysitter or let them stay with a friend of yours, while you can go for a dinner date followed by a long drive( if possible)

I know the breeze in my hair during such drives brings out the teenager in me.

Though still most of the talks we have about the kiddos, it’s a lovely feeling to miss them together for some time.


4) A long talk and lunch escape with a friend:

February Planning (3)

Many times we don’t look for solutions.. all we seek is an ear to vent., A shoulder to rest and a person to laugh it with.

Somedays you just want to talk it out. Tell them all about your life, what’s great, what’s low etc. This experience comes only when you meet a friend. So make the long-pending lunch plan with your bestie work out and feel mentally detoxed and energized.

Also a tummy full of yum food, always makes a momma happy!


5) Something that always works:


February Planning (4)

You are there always…

U enjoy when m happy, u soothe wen m sad, u understand when I cry, u melt when m not comfortable, u freeze when I need to go strong

U don’t judge, u don’t scold, u don’t hate

U always understand

There is a reason a day is dedicated to you in this week full of love…

You are the best thing ever made by humans.

Not every time we can go out to plan any of the above. Some days we need just a little few seconds of feeling good

What works better than chocolates in such a case.

I keep a bag full of dairy milk treats handy. Time and again when I want to zone out of my daily chores, I just pop one in and I am good. Some days I binge on these treats but its okay! Whatever makes life easier and helps you bounce back to the routine!


It is important to look for breaks when you’re a mother. You need to feel the momma-guilt just because you’re seeking some break from your daily life. Motherhood doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of all good things in life.

So Chhota sa Break to Banta hai!!

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  1. Varsh

    Visit to the spa and native place and time with friends always works for me too. As for chocolates, I like dark ones so Bournville it is for me. 🙂 Good post.

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