If I was an Angel/Ginnie / Fairy/ God..!!

Today in morning a Man said to me,”I WISH MY LIFE WAS LIKE YOU”.

All I said was –  “ÄMEN”

And seriously if I had the superpowers of a Ginnie or Angel, I would have loved to pass on some of my life’s best privileges to Men. Men after all do so much for us and whatever we say but yes our lives revolve around them. So why should only women be called as superwomen or to be admired. I wish we could admire Men too.

Well..! HE said, Amen..? So you mean you wish God gives me all the comforts of home and family and friends as yours”.

I responded, “NOT JUST THAT, but I want life to bless you with many more comforts, attentions, gifts and so much more we women are blessed with.”

Him- “LIKE..?”


  • First of all I would love to pass on the need to get WAXED every bloody month. I know some of you do that but for all the men, like it is sort of mandatory for every woman and it should be every single skin cell to be cleaned and soft.

  • I want to pass you the privilege of being JUDGED for every breath you take. It will be so much pleasure to see you being judged as a Neglegent Father, Bad worker, not so awesome husband and all you know.

  • Also i would love  to pass on the fun of Attention Gaining. So wherever you go, even you get all the eyes turned to checking you out from you hair to your Bum to the length of trouser you are wearing.

  • I really will love to see you become a great Multitasker like women, handling kids, sorting laundry, handling maids, bearing guests, attending kids PTM, creating a blog and still being questioned on what you did all day.

  • Just Imagine,  some time when you are say in 6th or 7th standard and  some manner of viscous liquid — suddenly appeared in your pants, literally without any prior notice, in the middle of a science tutions and then it keeps coming back every month for the next 30 years. You’d be all like “NO!” and “WTF?!?!” and “SRSLY??? THIS????” So I think you should experience that too.. I would love to pass on some of  the Chums, lets say half a life chums to you topped with some PMS.

  • We women take pride in being a mom and we know only we can handle the Pregnancy  and its beyond any explainable feelings. So instead of trying to explaining you, I would love to pass on this privilege too. At least for the first child you guys can manage and rest all we will handle ourselves.

Well honestly we women are blessed with so much that this List can be as long as you want. But these are few major privileges that I am ready to trade with men this women’s day. After all why should Girls have all the fun.!!

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