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Anxiety – It’s better to understand than Question


Psychology gives its definitiion as “A mental health disorder characterised by feelings of worry, anxiety or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one’s daily activities.”

But Its not so simple, its not so easy, it not only interferes but ruin daily tasks for few people. Its a combined feeling that dreads one to do anything for that matters.

“Can you remember that fear, when you just slipped over something..? So the time between you slipped and before you hit the ground (or save yourself) , that half a second which creates a terror, a fright, a sense of panic, agitation and what not is so heart stopping. Anxiety is feeling that fear ALL DAY”

Its like you need people to talk, but you don’t wanna talk…

You wanna feel safe and happy, but you love your miserable self…

You want friends, but you are scared of socialising…

Everything bothers you, but you don’t care about anyhting.

You want to be alone, but you are too scared of loneliness…

Anxiety is feeling everything together, but then not feeling anything and numbness takes over your Body and Mind.

Going Blank doesn’t help either.

Well Being with someone with Anxiety Disorder is real tough, you have to keep giving in without a fail.. but being with the disorder is unexplainably tough too..!!

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