Ayurveda- The science Of Life #AtoZChallenge

“Ayurveda” is a science that provides basics, knowledge and healings of good and bad, happy and  unhappy,  healthy and unhealthy, suffering and peace… All of this pulled out right from the lap of nature.

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Srila Vyasadeva, a very learned sage , wrote four Vedas around 6000 years ago, in India. They are arguably called to be the oldest written texts present. The four Vedas are

The Rig Veda,

The SamaVeda,

The Yajur Veda and

The Atharva Veda

Charaka, an Ayurveda Physician during BC 300 added his own easy-to-understand compilation of Agnivesa Samhita. He re-named it as Charaka Samhita. Because of his efforts, he is sometimes referred to as the Father of Indian Medicine.

“Ayurveda” is a segment of “Atharva Veda” that talks about wholistic health system, Be it beauty, diseases or emotional wellness. “Ayur” means ” Age” and “Veda” means “knowledge.”. so Ayurveda is said to be the ” Science Of Life”.

Just like the five great elements of nature i.e. space, air, fire, water, and earth, we have Our five senses inside our body which act as perfect portals between inside and outside realms of life.

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Ayurveda defines one of the world’s most comprehensive cleansing system, known as panchakarma. Panchkarma uses five different theories and  therapies to release and eliminate accumulated toxins from deep inside the body.

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Basic of Ayurveda is Prevention. If lived with precautions and preventive care, Ayurveda assures a perfect health.

Preventative care and treatment of disease falls under Ayurveda’s eight branches, which include:

● Kaayachikitsa – Internal Medicine
● Baalachikitsa – Pediatrics
● Bhuta Vidya – Psychiatry
● Shalakya Tantra – Ear, Nose and Throat Treatment
● Shalya Tantra – Surgery (not practiced in the United States today)
● Vishagara Vairodh Tantra – Toxicology
● Jarachikitsa/Rasayana – Geriatrics and Rejuvenation
● Vajikarana — Aphrodisiac Therapy, Fertility, and Conception

With upcoming blogs We will be discussing A lot about AYURVEDA and how it has answers to all the possible Beauty queries and problems.

Next we will be talking about “Beauty with Ayurveda”

  1. Jz

    This will be interesting!
    I see the word bandied about a lot but I’ve never really known quite what it’s actually supposed to mean – but I’m looking forward to learning!
    Happy A-Z’ing!

  2. Being Amna

    Wrll, I have never studied so deeply about Ayurveda but this post is really detailed and I would love to read more about it to get maximum benefits from Ayurvedic Healing.

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