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Brothers: My Strength.. My Life

If there is one thing that I am blessed in abundance with, is LOVE & SUPPORT from my family. Thankfully my destiny gave me loving & caring families – Parental as well as In-Laws.


I grew up with a clan of elder n younger brothers who have pampered, cared and even spoilt me like a princess, and best Part is..They Still Do. My elder has been my best friend, my strength, my guide and my Hero always. He is the man, I grew up looking at. Wr were quoted   examples of Sibling Rivalry and our fights were so bad that no one really wanted us around together. But the truth is that I always wanted to be better than him, always wanted to do all that he could  and I never could be. He is still the best person I know and He will always be my hero and the first person I ll look out to.


When I got to know that I am marrying into a joint family with all boys & just one girl, I honestly was nervous as hell. But thankfully I walked in there for more brothers who one again Pamper, Love & even Spoil me BUT like a Queen this Time. People ask me so often, how did you adjust in a big family of a small town, after been living alone for 10 years in Delhi.. I dd, because I got them as perfect friends. Its been 8 years i am married, and till date I don’t have any circle outside my family, but thats because I never needed one.This clan of mine is all i want for my vacations, my parties or even my vent outs.


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