A to Z Challenge

D for Delhi…

Delhi.. The place where my heart still beats better.



Having the whole family settled there already, once a month was a normal frequency to visit Delhi and every time I ll be equally excited, to see my cousins and to explore some more places there. But 15 years back when I Shifted there for my higher studies, I was too over confident as I was quite known in my small town school. That confidence was out of being ace in lot of extra curricular activities and an above average student in studies. So the first day when i entered college and heard all the introductions, I understood that I stood nowhere, every single person there was much ahead of me. At once all that confidence was shattered and low self esteem started taking over.

But then right people around made it the other way. In a while I made my place in that big city too. I must say I still had my best time there, my best learnings there and met the best people there. My first real life learnings started there, Real life challenges came there. I started looking at things in a way much ahead of my small town.

My studies, My work and my life there has made me what I am today. My heart still neats faster and happier in that city. 10 years there and it stuck in me forever

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