Gowns to Flaunt this Wedding Season

Gowns to Flaunt this Wedding Season (1)

The wedding season is coming. Aren’t you excited too?? This means a season to flaunt dresses, try on all the latest makeup looks and to win hearts but before that comes a period of confusion.  Especially when for cocktails, Diwali Parties and Receptions we need Gowns. What to wear? How to look the best? How to look different but stay comfortable at the same time? All these questions just keep rolling around you.  Some dresses are good but too heavy to carry while others look smart but do not suit your body shape. So here are we to solve your doubts! There are various websites where you can shop directly for the best wedding attires.

Dive in to explore all latest Gown Trends for 2018, to make an impression in every heart you meet, this wedding season!

  1. The Applique Work

Gowns to Flaunt this Wedding Season

This one is just full of magic! Applique is a kind of art, if done right and beautifully, it can easily spark a spell on someone in front of you. LOL..!! As beautiful it looks, it adds that perfect 3D texture and embossing, making dress talk for itself. From Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla to AD Singh to Tarun Tahiliani, all Ace designers are using appliqué to make their collections stand out.

  1. Fancy Sleeves

So a beautiful eye struck trend going on since last season is exaggerated sleeves.

Gowns to Flaunt this Wedding Season (2)

From floor-length sleeves to ruffles to massive bell sleeves, all overdone styles are killing it for statement-making. One thing to be taken care of is, rest all elements need to be subtle while u flaunt the exaggeration in your arms. For Best sleeve detailing, RAR studio and Gaurav Gupta are my most favorites

  1. The Exaggerated Drop Gown

Gowns to Flaunt this Wedding Season (4)

If you have a beautiful waist, and you love to flaunt it with all the curves and bends, then this one is made only for you. The gown just brings out your waist and middle body shape so well that you will fall for yourself. It looks very elegant as the dress drops down into flares. It’s among the styles that will keep going on and on for seasons to come.

  1. Jacket gown

Gowns to Flaunt this Wedding Season (3)

Always love to wear smart? Jacket gown is one of those selected pieces that make you look really smart and trendy. It gives you a smart and stylish look. Apart from this if the wedding is in winters, then this will not only make you look charming but will also secretly protect you from the cold! So get ready to show your grace, this wedding season. Once again RAR studio takes away the light when it comes to jacket gowns.


  1. Long Trail Gowns

Gowns to Flaunt this Wedding Season (2)

These are the gowns which have been since once upon a time and will stay Happily Ever After all other styles go off the racks. That perfect classic gown looks that every princess to every Duchess to every bride has always loved to carry around. Trail gowns look as extravagant as they cost. More fabric consumption, more stuff goes inside to let the trail fall perfectly.

So, this was our piece of advice to all you gorgeous ladies. And if you are all set to shop, click on this link to Checkout the Collection

  1. Ruchi Verma

    Oh wow I really love the list and now for upcoming wedding season I think I will check out some jacket gown to give little stylish look

  2. Shubhreet Kaur

    Stunning looks! My favourites are def the first applique work gown and the first jacket gown. Gorgeous!!! I have a few jacket styles in my wardrobe already but wanna find something like the first applique one. 😉

  3. Sayeri

    I love dresses with fancy sleeves, long trail dresses are also good but I am not comfortable with such gown. If you will ask me to pick one, my choice will be fancy sleeves gown always.

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