Toilet Hygiene and Kids.. !!

Hello fellow mommies
So here I am again to discuss something very important. We know the basic hygiene and manners that start with our Bathrooms.  In my previous articles also I discussed toilet training and bathroom manners.
Having twins has made my life a little too particular about things so as I can manage the monkeys easily. Hygiene is very important for kids of all ages and obviously, the bathroom is the first place to start a hygiene check. That made me look for some hardware for the bathroom which can help me to make sure of my kids’ safety.
In an attempt to make your life easy too I would like to tell you about a sanitary hardware brand, that has been my saviour – “American Standard“. They perfectly keep up with their Tagline “raising the standards” of bathrooms all around the world with their beautiful and super convenient design and tremendous comfort converting average bathrooms and kitchens into sanctuaries.
My kids have been using “Baby Devoro 1.28 gpf FloWise 10 Inch High Round Front Toilet” for quite some time and I tell you it have helped me in so many ways. This very low seat height residential toilet is perfect for kids and also it is a very hygienic way.
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They love the idea of having their own personal toilet. This toilet is manufactured just like the full-size version with the same flawless quality. Hygiene is one of the greatest concerns for all parents when it comes to children in the bathroom. American Standard range of Spalet products features anti-bacterial technology on toilet seats and covers, nozzles and remote control panels to inhibit bacteria breeding, so parents can have peace of mind. Furthermore, the ComfortClean technology on the Spa lets effectively kills E.Coli bacteria.
Safety is another big concern for children. Slow closing toilet covers are also a must for child-friendly bathrooms. It ensures minimal noise when closed, and most importantly, minimize the risk of little fingers getting trapped or injured.
With two toddlers, savings are a constant worry at home. So when I looked around for some water saving options, I came across this wonderful technology that these toilets had. There is dual flush buttons in the operating plate. This helped me in their education so that, from an early age, they were aware that water is a scarce resource that we have to learn to preserve.
Toilet operates on the simple, but effective dual flushing system that handles two different types of waste differently by producing a separate flush power for both.
By giving users two different options, you also have the chance to save water the best you can by only using a light flush on liquid waste and a heavy flush on solids. In fact, there is a bit more to it than that, with water flowing from the rim and directly into the bowl through a jet-powered siphon that will produce a much more powerful and effective flush to clean the bowl of bacteria and odours.
Now that we are renovating,  “American Standards” has numerous very well In Budget options to choose from. I’ll be shortlisting those soon and will get back with my choices, to have opinions and show my favourites too
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  1. Radhikka Karkare

    This seems like such a god send for parents! Its good to read about the innovations that make this a great option for a hygiene conscious family.

  2. Shalu Sharma

    It’s high time people start thinking about kids and their hygiene too for such products that we all use on day to day basis. This looks like a great one keeping in minds their individual needs.

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