My daughters..My pride.. My responsibility

By now you guys know about the blogathon I am writing these days. So today they prompted us to write about “my take on giving freedom to kids”

Well.! Being mother of girls is a totally different ball game. It brings an extra set of responsibility, especially when the daughters are born in a country like ours where even till today females are thought of to be less than males in so many things. The fight of equality is constant, whether it be workplace or home.

But I think if we as mothers take the responsibility up & raise our kids to believe that everyone is equal & deserves equal, although it might take one generation more to bring about the mindset change that we want to bring in, but the change is possible. Thus I, as a mother promise myself to instill some values & ideals in my daughters that will help them realize & understand the value of their freedom being born into a free country.

So, here are few things I want to teach my daughters Meher & Myrah to learn the true meaning & importance of freedom.

Freedom to choose their cloths

No matter what age, everyone should have the liberty to choose what they want to wear, whether it be grown-ups or kids. The narcissist that I am, I have always chosen my own cloths, accessories & looks. Although I have been doing the same for my daughters as they are too young to choose on their own, but if they decide to wear a certain dress or go by a certain look, I respect that & let them make their choices. This will definitely teach them to be comfortable in their own skin. Thus I decide to give them the freedom to choose their own cloths & looks.

Freedom to speak their mind

I cannot imagine living a life where I am not allowed to speak what I wish to. The same applies to kids as well. Sometimes we try to stop kids from saying things because it is not that cute or might look like our kids are not disciplined enough. But I believe in letting kids be kids & speak what they wish to. This is the only way – by doing mistakes – that they will learn the value of speaking the right thing in future. This doesn’t mean that I do not talk to them later if they end up saying something which they shouldn’t at their age.

Freedom to break professional stereotypes

I would love for my daughters to be super models or divas when they grow up. Well, but what I wish for them should not define what they should become. If I go by what my parents wished for me, today I might not have been a successful entrepreneur that I am. I would teach my daughters to work towards their dreams & be whatever they want to be, no matter how unconventional the path they choose is.

Freedom to happily accept rejection

One thing we all need to learn even as grown-ups is to handle rejection. But when we feel rejected, we feel resentment, hatred, anger & sometimes even suicidal. Why? Because we have not been taught since our childhood that it’s OK to be rejected. One rejection whether it be in love or a job interview is not end of the world. I would love for my daughters to be able to gracefully accept rejections, work on themselves to be able to not rejected in future & move on from the situations. That’s freedom from our own demons, isn’t it?

Freedom to be whatever they wish to be

This does not apply only to professional freedom but also in personal life. If my daughter decided to be a housewife. It is going to be her personal choice. If she decided to be a non-religious person, it is going to be her freedom of choice.

I hope by being a kind of mother that I wish to be, I will be able to teach my daughters the importance of freedom the way I want!

This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Archana  from The Indian Prenting Blog for introducing me, she wrote an amazing read on the same prompt.

I would now like to introduce Pradanya from  Mummying Aint Easy and recommend you to read her views on the same.

  1. Veens

    I agree and I am so with you in each point. I want to raise my son to be an awesome guy and my girl to be the awesome girl she is. They are equal in my eyes.


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