My Figment of the First Date


Like an adolescent., I was shy yet excited to see him.

A cyclone of feelings was what flowing in my nerves.

The phone buzzed: ” I am almost there”.
And I didn’t even know how to behave on a first date anymore, It was over a decade that I was sitting waiting for someone like that.

Little shivers ran down my stomach.
Pretending engrossed in my phone, I was holding my breath to turn my head up and look at him..
Hii..!!” Said a heavy, masculine, already taken my heart away voice…

Even though his eyes did their best to keep me nervous, I was still trying to act just as casual.

After a beer and a few minutes of avoiding eye contact, I wanted to know what he thought. Before the words came out, He asked,” Shall we go for a drive.”

“yeah sure” ( Anything to be with you ) – I responded.

He held my hand softly led me to his car,

With little tipsy feet n smiling heart I followed. I couldn’t decide if I should hold his hand back or not.

Charcoal sky… yellow lights and love songs –  Volume dimmed just to drop a feel…
The wheels rested, he leaned to rest the seat of my back and planted a soft gentle kiss on my cheek,
my heart skipped a beat and The next thing I knew, he had slammed his lips to mine and nearly knocked all wind from my lungs.

His hand rested below my ear, his thumb caressing my cheek with the closure of our eyelids.
After all the hours I had spent with him – chatting, talking,  watching him smile and frown..

I hadn’t imagined how warm and amazing he is but his touch… his feel.. were so perfect like a marshmallow melting smoothly in my desperation to be with him.
His hands were finding their way …

but they say “ u can’t rush what u want to last forever” 
I stopped n whispered “ Laters Baby”
A smile on his cheeks and those shiny naughty eyes looked at me delivering his desire to kiss everything that my body owned.
I stepped out of the car and dugged in my bed..

with smudges kohl…

ripped lip…

and content heart…

knowing he will see me soon


This post is a part of the Valentine’s Day blog train hosted by www.prernawahi.com www.vartikasdiary.com, sponsored by ShilpSa, Kalpavriksha farms & Neha from @bloggingmadeeasier ”

Well I chose to write about a “FANTASY DATE…” 

This is my first attempt on writing FICTION.

Would love to know your reviews…

  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    I’m glad there’s at least one racy entry! What’s a blog train about romance without some true blue desire 🙂 I really enjoyed your first attempt at fiction, keep it up!

  2. Snehal

    Wow..!! A very sensual yet beautifully written post. Apt usage of words..loved every bit of it.. ❤️
    Keep it up dearie. I am sure much more is there in store..

  3. Varsh

    Would I be the only one not giddy with romantic feelings but happy that the girl stood her ground and the guy accepted it without any objection? Slow and steady love is the best kind and I loved this first date. 🙂

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