Pajamas for Life- A woman’s best friend in the wardrobe

Pajamas started off as a nightwear but now it’s a loungewear that women of all ages swear by. After a hectic week at work in treggings and denim, Pajamas for women are the ultimate relief. They are both fitted and relaxed in the right places to make you feel comfortable yet giving you a very chic day look at home. There are various brands that are coming with cute and cool designs and colours so that Pajamas for women do not stay confined just to night times.

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The right fabric matters

Pajamas for women come in a wide range of fabrics. Satin is one of the favourites among women when it comes to Pajamas. They are smooth, silky and extremely comfortable to sleep in. They have a luxurious feel as well and makes it popular in Pajamas parties.

Cotton Pajamas are very common and come in a variety of prints. They are perfect for all-day wear or even stepping out for a short walk. All you need to do is pair it with your favourite tank top and sneakers. Linen is another breathable fabric which is rising in popularity. It is more breathable than cotton and the texture is so easy that it gives you vacation vibes even when you wear it at home.

Wearing it right

Pajamas for women come in cool designs but pairing it with the right top will give you the ultimate cool lounge look. Buy Pajamas in sets; this solves the problem of finding a matching top. Mix and match with right colours. If you’re wearing printed Pajamas, go with a solid colour tank top. Pick cute fluffy bedroom slippers to pair your Pajamas set with. Try to avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester when it comes to Pajamas. Synthetic fabrics are not breathable and leave you uncomfortable during your sleep hours. Wear your pajamas not too tight nor too loose. Drawstring Pajamas are the best as they give you the control to adjust the fit.

Learn from the celebrities

How can we forget the moment Zendaya appeared at Teen Choice Awards 2017 in a satin Pajama set? She sashayed into the event and posed like a diva in her comfortable Pajamas in style.  Anna Kendrick is also a fan of Pajamas and wore them for a book signing event in New York. Rihanna is very frequently spotted in her satin Pajamas. She can literally rock them anywhere and anytime! Selena Gomez is another diva who dazzled in blue buttoned Pajama set. She adds a dash of red lipstick to her sleek hair look to add drama to her bedtime look.

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Pajamas for women are no more a dress to sleep in like a lazy bum. It is a fashion statement that you can carry from bedroom to the red carpet. All you need to do is shop from the right brands that are offering classy and cool Pajamas for women. Pick your style today and rock Pajamas like the stars are doing.

  1. Kavita Singh

    Oh, how true this is. I can live in my pajamas forever. I have more pajamas than dresses lol. Comfortable fabric matters a lot.

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