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Starting Your Fitness Journey… #FITishWithMJ

Starting any voyage is threatening, not to mention one that is health and wellness related. Yet, with the best possible information and arrangement, it doesn’t need to be. If you are Starting Your Fitness Journey, all you need to do is Start Right.

If you’ve chosen, it’s finally time to begin working out. Congrats! You’ve ventured out your way to a better than ever body and mind and there’s no contending that activity can enable the vast majority to get thinner, just as look progressively conditioned and trim.

Obviously, there’s a trick. You have to get – and keep – moving in the event that you need to take advantage of the advantages. This doesn’t really mean after an exacting, tedious routine at the re-center – in spite of the fact that that can unquestionably receive rewards. In all actuality you can get rewards from various kinds and levels of activity.

Below are some fitness tips to get your journey on the right path and give it the start it needs.

Pick a fitness plan you can live with.

You don’t need to go to a gym to begin working out. You don’t need to practice for a genuine long period of time to have results. You don’t need to train insanely hard every day. Regardless, you do need to exercise on numerous occasions each week.

Ideally working out for 20 to 30 minutes daily least is a decent method to begin. In the event that you are a flat out novice I reliably propose a versatile routine that advances eagerly with time. 20 minutes brisk walk is a good start.

On the off chance that you can oversee and manage extra, the going with solicitation we have to ask what do you like to do? okay spin? or on the other hand, do yoga? Okay perhaps weight/resistance training? Okay perhaps try Pilates? Or on the other hand a mix of all the recently referenced? Since while there are totally wellness schedules I can point to that get results smart and fast, on the off chance that you disdain doing them it does us nothing worth referencing. The best exercise is the one you can stay with reliably. This is the reason one should participate in various exercises and activities of numerous sorts—kickboxing, yoga, Bootcamp, 5k, and so forth. It’s to ensure there is a successful program for everybody’s needs.      

I once read somewhere and couldn’t agree more to these lines…

“Exercise is the enchantment pill, it can truly cure diseases like a few types of heart illness and actually work like a miracle for one’s life. It has been embroiled in helping individuals forestall or recoup from certain types of disease. It helps individuals with joint pain. It enables individuals to avoid and turn around depression.”

Track your progress correctly!

Having an approach to keep tabs on your progress is so unfathomably significant. Also, kindly don’t depend entirely on the scale! This can truly disturb your head. The primary reason is that muscle weighs more than fat. So as your body begins to change and you are building muscle and burning fat, the number on the scale may not go down as much as you might suspect it should.                                                                                      Checking the scale sporadically is fine yet there are two different things you should be doing in the event that you like to be consistent and get results!

Get yourself a measuring tape to monitor your body estimations and ensure you record them! Archive leg, arm, chest, midriff, and hip estimations and look at the outcomes every 1-2 weeks.

TAKE PROGRESS PICS! These photos are going to enable you to see all the little changes in your body that you don’t see once a day when you look in the mirror.

Diet is the key

Protein requirements are higher for all working out peeps, beginners included and more than for the average Joe. Protein repairs damaged muscle fibers and manufactures important growth-supporting hormones in the body. If you hope to pack on serious muscle mass, you need to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day. For a 180-pound individual, that means 180 grams a day is the floor, but this figure can rise depending on several factors. If you fail to grow on 1 gram per pound, or if you’re sore for more than a couple of days after training, bump that up to 1.3 grams—234 grams of protein per day for the 180-pounder. Most of that should come from whole-food sources but it’s also a good idea to supplement with two or three protein shakes a day.

Not to be overlooked, especially in a world where going low-carb is a mainstay for shedding body fat, are carbohydrates. If gaining mass is your goal, you need carbs, and plenty of them, to get your body growing. Carbs fuel your training, allowing you to push yourself harder and longer, and set off a hormonal mechanism in the body that drives amino acids from protein into muscle tissue to aid in repair and recovery Opens a New Window.

Drinking water is used as a weight-loss strategy because it helps you feel full more quickly, thus causing you to consume fewer calories. Helps you keep the body nutrients and in normal working conditions. A lesser-known fact is Water needs energy from the body to break down which obviously makes it a fat burner in itself.

Fat itself is not a bad thing but limiting its usage is a must. Oils such as canola, olive, mustard, and avocado are the best alternatives for refined oil which causes many heart problems which may actually be fatal over a long period of time.

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa. So stay tuned for more posts on Fitness and Health… #FITishWithMJ


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    A great post. A regular daily exercise improves mood by releasing feel good hormones. Blood sugar level comes under control, so does blood lipid profile. Combined with a proper diet, exercise can do miracle for an average human being.

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