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Targeted Skin Care… #AtoZChallenge

Skin care is essential for every skin type. Whether you’re lucky to have flawless skin or you have skin problems, a skin care routine helps you to maintain healthy and supple skin. Change in climate, fluctuating hormones or aging can cause skin problems. The complication is that the same facial skin may have multiple problems affecting different parts of the face. There comes the importance of targeted skin care.

How to target treat the skin?

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If you thought to identify your skin type was the biggest skin care hurdle, then you’re wrong. If you have dry and aging skin along with acne, and you are massaging your skin with castor oil and spot treating your acne alongside, that’s not how you should be doing it.

The castor oil will moisturize your skin but may also clog pores and make your acne worse. Keep a base moisturizer that will not only moisturize your skin but also act on your problems or remains neutral without reacting with your other skin problems. After you’ve applied your base moisturizer, spot treat your pigmentations and acne. If you have intense wrinkle problems around the smile lines or around the eyes, apply the anti-aging serums in the affected areas. Last but not least, apply a coat of lip balm to complete your skin care routine.

Skincare starts from within…

Targeted skin care is not just about the topical application of skin care products. It is also about addressing the internal problems that are triggering the skin problems. If someone has acne, it is important to consume blood purifiers like turmeric to keep the skin clear. Similarly, a person with dark circles needs to make diet and lifestyle changes to reap the full benefits of the under-eye cream he/she is applying. A diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables along with exercise and sleep makes your skin glow from within.


Targeted skin care is essential in today’s times when people have multiple skin issues like premature aging, hormonal acne, and hyperpigmentation due to hectic lifestyle and environmental changes. It is important to pick the right products and layer them the right way to ensure maximum effectiveness. If required always consult a skin specialist to identify the problem areas and make changes in your routine accordingly.


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