That Bitter Sweet Love: Sibling love ❤️

The enemy I can’t live without, The Best Friend I can’t do without,

The man who won’t give up on me, The name I’ll always shout out loud.. <3

And that all in one package for me is obviously my elder brother.

Base Ingredient being enormous love, he adds some teasing, a pinch of scolds, some extra care, lot of fun and couple of frowns, making recipe of my life just perfect.

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My brother came to this world 3 years before me, I believe he needed that much time to make sure everything is perfect here, before I arrive. We have had the basic childhood filled with million fights, blame games, hating each other and all but still, having each others’ back, saving each others ass and giving life philosophical lessons always took over.

  • We are those typical best friend material. Having our own secret jokes, we have the same mannerisms, and enjoy similar hobbies.  Although it is easy to get on one another’s nerves, the underlying truth is that we continue to have trivial arguments because we know, this person isn’t going anywhere. There is a  much deeper bond exists that cannot be explained.

Siblings that say they never fight are most definitely hiding something-    Lemony Snicket                                                                                              

  • I remember my mom often getting offended when we acted as a Joint Force against her. We did that as kids and still do.
  • I believe all that I am, my personality is just a shadow of how my brother is. All life I grew up looking up on him. I write like him, I drive like him, whatever I achieved is because he was always an achiever and I just followed him, may be out of sibling rivalry sometimes, but yes I can’t deny its always been him.
  • He made me believe I was loved less because I am a GIRL CHILD, and that mom loves him more. It took me years to learn it was me always who was loved much more and pampered too specially by him.
  • No man was ever good, while he met few to find one for me. On some level I knew that whoever had a future with me would have to accept that my brother would be a part of it. On top of acne, braces and one or two bad hairdos, this was a lot to worry about.

When he met my husband, somehow they liked each other, Varun passed the Litmus Test as I call it.

There is an absurdity in it, particularly in the relationship between the siblings.

John Madden

I always find this quote true, Its an absurd rivalry like competitors, absurd love like companions, absurd protectiveness like parents and absurd possessiveness like owners. In my life my brother is the most important one, and he has given me every possible reason for feeling this. Lucky  I am to have a family who respects this too.

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  1. Alpana Deo

    Such a beautiful start of the blog train with your heartfelt post Misha. When you have a brother who is your mentor and friend, it is a blessing.
    #Siblingstories #siblingtalks

  2. Shipra Trivedi

    Such a heartfelt post. My sis and I also share the same best friend sort of relationship. We have our secret jokes, we admire each other a lot and we know how to fix each other’s mood. You are lucky that you have such a caring brother in your life. #SiblingStories #Siblingtalks

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