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Nail Paint was the first cosmetic that I ever came across I think. I was 3 years when I was caught playing my mother’s nail polish bottles. Little did I know that I’d grow up to become obsessed with nail paints and nail care. Started from Lakme and now I am a proud owner of almost 240 Nail Paints..


Yeasss…” One too Many” they say, people get high on liquor, I get on Nail Lacquers.

Paint it every colour – my nail habits

When it comes to colours, I love them all but my go-to nail statement is with bold nail Laquers. It works for me just the way red lipstick works for face- brightens up the complexion instantly. I love wearing glitter and sometimes for any corporate event attend I go for the classic french manicure. vThe PolishAholic

Every two weeks I either opt for a salon manicure or DIY manicure at home. I like changing my nail color every week and sometimes every three days! I know it is unhealthy to wear and change nail paint so frequently but I can’t get over my obsession. In return I do take special care of my nails. I don’t want to pursue my love for nail paints at the cost of nails’ health.

Nail care tips for the nail paint obsessed

I do not keep my nails deprived of the care and nutrition they deserve. Here are few of my nail care rituals that I don’t skip:

  • Oiling: Oil is great for healthy nails and cuticles. You can use any oil for your nails; I personally prefer using castor oil, almond oil or olive oil. I keep switching between these oils. They moisturise your nails and cuticles and promotes healthy nail growth. They also help in preventing nails from becoming yellow.
  • Base coat: Before applying nail paint, I always make sure I apply a base coat first. Base coat acts as a barrier between your nails and the paint. It prevents weak, brittle and yellow nails.
  • Use a nail growth serum: I personally love Sally Hansen’s Miracle Growth Serum. It not only accelerates my nail growth but also strengthens them. I have faced lot of problem growing my nails. After a certain length, they would simply break off. Sally Hansen products do wonders for my nails!

         Ang-Tatva Nail Nourishing Serum works just perfect for me. BUY HERE

  • Increase your biotin intake: I take regular biotin supplements. It helps me maintain my hair and nail health. It takes at least a month to experience nail and hair transformation.
  • Say no to acrylics: I have never experimented with acrylic or gel nails. They look great but I’d rather have real healthy nails than fake ones. The process of application of these nails is simple but taking them off involves harsh chemicals that damage your nail bed.

And the obsession continues!


I still become like a little girl when I see nail paints. Painting my nails is my favourite hobby. When I see my little girls playing with my nail polish bottles, I get amused thinking how makeup habits pass on from mommies to daughters. You never have too many nail polish bottles- you never apply too much of nail paint; just make sure you’re pampering your nails well!

This post is a part of BAR-A-THON Ediion 3… 

Here it is with proverb “ONE TOO MANY” taken up with what i am addicted to



So How do you like it.. Do Lemme know if you try the tips…

The Best Nail Care Tips

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