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Sleep is the time when we go to rest while our skin gets to work, regenerating itself. It is important to have a proper night time skin and hair regimen to make most of our beauty sleep. All you need is to keep some time aside after a hectic day to pamper yourself and go to bed relaxed and let your skin do the needful. However, it is also important to use the right products in the right sequence so that they can work in the most effective manner.


Night time skin and hair care routine…

Right before you hit the sack, it is important to take your make up off. It is recommended to use micellar water to wipe off the makeup followed by a face wash.

After cleansing your face, wipe your face with a washcloth soaked in hot water.

Apply your favorite face mask after that and relax.

Try using organic clay masks that suck out toxins from your skin and leave your skin detoxed and fresh.

After you take the mask off, spray some toner of your choice.

For normal to oily skin, you can opt for rose water while for acne-prone skin you can spray witch hazel water.

Witch hazel has antibacterial properties which keep your skin free from infection.

After toning, its time for some deep nourishing serum. If you love sheet masks, they can be a great alternative to serums.

After the serum application, apply some undereye cream and your spot treatments ( if any).

Top them off with your favorite night cream or gel. If its summer and night cream feels heavy for you, you can simply limit yourself to the serum phase.

For the hair…

It will be great to use leave -on hair masks or hair oils.

The oil can work on your hair overnight and you can wake up and wash it off.

Sometimes you can apply overnight conditioning masks which give you Rapunzel tresses in the morning.

Always try and use Satin or Glazed cotton Pillows so they do not harm your hair and skin cells.

For long hair, Always do a loose tie to avoid friction and tangling of hair


Importance of night time beauty regime…

A night time beauty regime allows you to keep some time aside for self-care. Apart from that, it helps you to pamper your skin and hair after an exhausting day. However, it is important to have a peaceful sleep if you want your nighttime efforts to show its result. With poor sleep quality, a beauty regimen cannot help your skin and hair much. Though we hope that an aromatic pampering session will have you sleeping like a baby in no time!


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  1. Kavita Singh

    I am a little lazy when it comes to skincare, however, since I hit 30 I can see my skin changing and looks like about time I should inculcate these routines in my life. Thank you for this, I have saved it.

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