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Who is up for some Detoxification with #instacuppa

In the world of health and fitness, infused water is the new cool. Why? Because this magical water hydrates you like none other. In addition to this, you gain a great deal of vitamins and minerals, which detoxify your body, flushing out everything that resides in your system as slow poison. When your body is healthiest and in its best condition, your skin shows it! A complete detoxification and hydration brought about by infused waters leads to glowing, healthy skin. If you’re also trying to lose some weight, there’s no better way to kick-start your effort. People who have taken to drinking infused water as a part of their daily diet swear by the wonderful effects of the same. They claim to think more clearly, feel more energised and highly motivated.


What is so great about infused water, that plain water doesn’t do?

Infused waters supply the body with pure water, infused lightly with fresh fruits and herbs. This means, these are superior to the vitamin water containing artificial colour and chemical vitamins. They also taste much better than the boring old plain water, which is important because psychologically, taste plays a major role in how frequently we tend to consume any kind of nutrient.

However, preparing infused waters is a little tough, what with specific requirements like the exact nutritional density, how long, in what quantity and at what temperature the ingredients must be combined.

But do not fret, for there is always a solution! “The Instacuppa ” It is a miracle that will contain your  waters in an insulated infusion bottle, the very first of its kind. With features that one could only have dreamt of, the Instacuppa brings a healthier lifestyle to your doorstep. What is so great about this bottle?


  • Free recipe e-books with the healthiest fruit infuser recipes come as an added bonus. With these recipes, in your mission to lose weight and detox, you’ll have struck a goldmine.
  • A sweat-free, insulating surface reduces the so-called bottle sweat that forms on bottles carrying chilled liquids. As a result, the surface of the bottle isn’t slippery and it doesn’t leave stains on wooden surfaces.
  • Conveniently portable, this bottle can be carried while travelling and fits perfectly inside a car’s cup holder.
  • It is perfect for making protein shakes, what with its stainless steel protein shaker ball with 100% food grade.
  • The screw cap has rubber seals around it, preventing leaks.


This one I ordered for myself


Well I also have one Favourite recipe of mine:

In ! Litre Of Water ADD:

1 sliced cucumber
1 inch grated ginger 
15 mint leaves
1 sliced lemon
Let it infuse over night in refrigerator and enjoy the water all dah whenever you wanna drink . Do this 15 days regularly 




Detoxifies body,

Gives skin a radiant glow,

Helps in weight loss

Is extremely refreshing

Note: this causes acidity to few, so please see for yourself, its better to take a break after 12-15 days of drinking it.


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  1. Siddhi Palande

    Hey, I found this post really helpful. In fact I had been looking for a bottle that will especially help in my detox process. Thank you for the easiest recipe too. Mint leaves are Pudina right? Tulsi will do? Let me know.

  2. Shaily Tandon

    Making diffused water, that too so easily. I am highly impressed with the packaging of this bottle. Would be trying it soon…

  3. Customwriting

    My nephew is like that. He is a very quiet boy at school but at home he is extremely naughty and mischievous. My sister is always awestruck with wonder when the teachers tell her that he is a quiet and obedient boy at school. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #InstaCuppa

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