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Why is Twitter a blogger’s best friend?

Blogging is much more than just a skillful bit of writing and creativity. Where there is no audience, why put up a show? In order to gather an audience, you must put some effort into sharing your blog posts, spreading the site’s reach far and wide. Without the appropriate amount of sharing, even the most eye-catching, compelling and well-researched posts won’t have any positive impacts on the blog.

Twitter, one of the most popular and widespread social media platforms, is a fantastic tool for driving more traffic to your blog. With far-reaching information sharing culture and fast-paced spreading of said information, your posts can reach various corners of the world, without the need to spend a single ad dollar.

  • SHARING:   Content-for-social-networks                                                                                                                                 One of the simplest and most basic blogging techniques is frequent, and strategic sharing. Tweet your blog immediately after publishing it then make another tweet after a couple of hours. Tweet it again, after a few days. Each share must, however, be strategic with a different description or an attractive quote. You can also observe when most of your views come in, and strategically share precisely when you know most of your audience is going to see your tweet.


  • HEADLINES      Untitled.pngThe headlines or CTAs of your post are way more important than you think. When a viewer scrolls down their feed, they usually click on headlines that peak their interest, even slightly. Feel free therefore, to get as creative as possible with your headings so you know that if you were to come across that heading, you’d definitely click to see more!


  • FEATURED IMAGE                                                               FEATURED-ORANGE (1)The Featured image goes a long way in increasing a post’s viewership. Not just on Twitter, a picture does a great job of catching the eye and beckoning people towards the written part of the post. Every time you tweet your post, this image must be there.


  • TAGS:   blank-price-tag are a smart way of navigating a post’s way to the right kind of audience. Tagging businesses or people who are most likely to be interested in your blog increases the likelihood of being retweeted and gaining more attention. Whenever your post receives any further shares, never fail to appreciate the sharer’s gesture. This encourages the viewer to keep extending such kind gestures to you in the future.


  • HASGTAGS .                  hashtag_iStock_000047220610_Illustration_650px.jpgHashtags, too, are a popular social media tool which, when used appropriately, can promote your post further beyond your own circle of followers.


Reading up thoroughly on a topic, throwing countless crumpled pieces of paper in the trash while trying to come up with the perfect write-up, editing and optimizing, measuring the success of each post and planning to build on this further with each coming post; all of these are, undoubtedly, an important aspect of blogging. They, however, constitute a much smaller fraction than the sharing process. With the right amount of sharing, your content is bound to reach the right eyes and receive the appreciation it deserves. Twitter only makes this task much easier.

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