Coffee vs Chocolate: choosing the lesser of two evils

It started with little nibbles and a few sips but in no time my love for chocolates and coffee turned into an addiction. Being a working mother of two, I have a pretty happening and exhausting lifestyle. A chocolate bar lights up my day and coffee keeps me going. During my trips abroad, I make sure I am picking different kinds of chocolates and stocking them up for days when I really need a lot of them. I easily have more than 3-4 cups of coffee as well. My husband says coffee and chocolates are responsible for my sleeplessness. But I do thank them for keeping me awake and active all day!

But as we all know that anything in excess becomes harmful! I got a reality check when my migraine attacks became more frequent. I would spend most of my time in the bed, avoiding any kind of light and sound. I realized my caffeine and chocolate addiction has started showing its effect on my health. I started putting on weight and it got difficult to shed the unwanted weight that I was putting on.

I did my study and realized how caffeine is responsible for migraine attacks. I always enjoyed chocolates as I read about how it generates “happy hormones” in our body but I ignored how it is rich in fat and elevates cholesterol levels. I switched to sugar-free dark chocolate for some time and reduced my coffee intake. I read all good things about dark chocolate like how it helped reduce heart risks in women and improved metabolism. But it was difficult for my body to experience this sudden change. When we suddenly stop our secret indulgence, our body craves for it more and this is what I exactly experienced.

I understood that it is not easy to give up on something I love and that will only increase craving and stress me out. I had to choose the lesser of the two evils. After a lot of mental calculation and self-convincing process, I realized that chocolate has been my first love. It has been with me since childhood and helped me sail through my entire life.  From school graduation to heartbreaks, falling in love and motherhood, chocolate has always stood by me. How could I give it up!

I slowly moved to healthier eating which helped me control my chocolate cravings and now I still treat myself to everything chocolaty! But the difference is that I don’t let my love become addiction anymore. I like myself this way. Choosing the lesser of two evils worked for me. Share your opinions and stories about making choices in life in the comment section!

This post is a part of BAR-A-THON Ediion 3… 

Here it is with proverb “lesser of two evils” taken up my way.


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