Three’s A Crowd: The Twin Tales

Twins are miracle babies and I am blessed to be a mother twin girls. I was thrilled to have not one but two baby girls; it is almost like having two reflections of myself. It is fun to shop the same clothes and toys for them and get confused about whose I got ready! In a little time, they have grown up into real smarties and sometimes walk up to us to play guessing games.

Twins always share a special bond. Twins have been described as “a family within a family” because they tend to form an entire relationship with one another that’s completely separate from the rest of their family.. I still remember how they held hands while sleeping together in the cradle. Since they were 18 months , they could communicate, in their on Gibberish.

They have their own world and three’s a crowd there. Even if it’s me or my husband, sometimes stepping into their play zone makes us feel like we are intruding. They have common jokes to laugh at that we won’t understand, they have their own games that they are happily playing with each other. My little ones are polite and are willing to play with other kids but they participate as one person and not two.

I sometimes feel I need to start keeping them little away as they are just not experiencing any PRIVACY. It’s during separation, for instance, that twins are able to build a positive self-concept. They learn self-motivation, too. Moreover, as they will turn adolescent and would want to break free from our virtual wombs, they will be more calmer and will be able to take their own decisions if the individualism is known to them at this stage.

I want their dependency on each other to vanish by the time they are head on to get their own lives.

“Twins lack privacy because they’re born into a situation where they are within their twinship nearly all the time’’

says Joan Friedman, Ph.D., author of Emotionally Healthy Twins: A New Philosophy for Parenting Two Unique Children

They fight every minute for minutest of things but they can’t stay apart for like 30 seconds. As a parent, I look forward to having my children growing up with a feeling of togetherness which luckily comes naturally to my twins but yes I think little attention is to be given as they do not grow up non social.

Have you ever witnessed a situation in your life when you felt three’s a crowd and moreover You yourself are the third one and making it crowded.

Share your stories with me.

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  1. Obsessivemom

    Oh wow, glad to meet another twin mom! Misha your girls are delightful. Those pictures are absolutely adorable. They are identical, right? How do you tell them apart?
    I have a boy and a girl and its pretty chaotic. When they were younger they both wanted me to have another set of boy and girl so they could have a same-sex sibling. Now I think they’ve reconciled themselves to each other.

  2. Geethica Mehra

    such adorable girls, Misha. They are simply cute. I always wanted to have twins the first time I got pregnant….hahah……but not the second time.
    Yes, I also feel like a crowd when I am in an unwanted company

  3. Alpana Deo

    Even though I am not a twin mom but I can understand what you are trying to say. They share a special bond Misha and when they will.grow there interests will be different, preferences will direct them to act I independently. I can only say, till then let them enjoy their time and you too enjoy seeing them bubbling..:-)

  4. Neha

    I don’t know any twins closely, so this was a new perspective for me! Overcoming dependency while maintaining their delicate relationship is a task for parents that I had never thought of!

  5. Shilpa Garg

    Your girls are so cute! It’s so wonderful that they share such a strong bond, but yes agree with you that they need to have be more independent of each other. Guess that will happen with time.

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